Range Rules


Sandusky County Sportsmen’s Club

Range Rules

General Range Rules

  1. Know and obey all range commands. “CEASE
    FIRE” range command means to stop firing immediately until the cause of
    the cease fire has been determined and resolved. Anyone can call a cease fire
    whenever an unsafe condition is observed.
  2. Be aware that specific events will have their own
    additional range commands.
  3. During scheduled shoots various ranges may be closed
    to recreational shooting, Please check the calendar before coming out to shoot
    so you don’t get disappointed.
  4. No alcohol or illegal drugs allowed on the ranges at
    any time. This also means that you should not come to the ranges impaired.
  5. Ranges may be used after 8am seven days a week during
    daylight hours only, some scheduled events may start earlier
  6. When the clubhouse is rented, ranges are closed after
    5pm, check the newsletter for rental dates.
  7. All ranges are closed when the club hosts a Gun Show,
    dates and times will be posted in the newsletter.
  8. Ranges are Closed all day during youth deer season,
    shotgun deer season, and primitive weapon deer season.
  9. Your membership card should always be with you on the
    range, and you should be ready to show it upon request in a friendly and
    courteous manner.
  10. House cleaning, leaving the ranges cleaner than you
    found them, trash as well as brass
  11. Don’t bring junk out to the ranges to shoot at, and
    don’t shoot at target stands and props. Please refrain from shooting at rocks.
  12. Explosive targets shall not be used on the property




  1. No broad heads may be used on club targets.

3-D Bow


  1. For scheduled club events only.

         Trap Fields

  1. Trap houses are for scheduled club events.
  2. Trap Field #1 may be used for hand throwers. Coordinate with any 100-meter range shooters.

       100 Meter Range

  1. Re-open for recreational shooting on April 21, 2017.
  2. ALL shooting must be done from the new firing line. (on the gravel)
  3. Targets shall not be placed closer than 50 meters from the firing line.
  4. Coordinate with the 50 meter range shooters before heading down range to post or check targets.
  5. .50 BMG firearms may only be fired on the 100 meter range for the purpose of sighting-in. The designated lane must be used.

      50 Meter Range

  1. Fire only from behind the marked (red) firing line.
  2. Place your targets appropriately in order to fire from different positions and at different distances.
  3. When placing targets, be mindful of keeping bullet trajectory in line with the berm.
  4. The “red” line painted on the floor is the firing line from which shooters should fire.
  5. The “yellow” line is the ready line. It is recommended that spectators stand behind the yellow line.
  6. On all ranges shooters must coordinate with any other shooters on the range before going down range to post or check targets.
  7. Coordinate with the 100 meter and 500 yard range before going down range.
  8. NO 50 BMG firearms may be used on this range.
  9. Be aware that this range has a concrete floor.
  10. This range is equipped with a buzzer and lights warning system. It is to be used in conjunction with a verbal cease fire and two short blast to signal range is hot again.

         500 Yard Range (Currently Closed)

    1. Shooting may only be done from the 500 yard position.
    2. Targets must be placed at the base of the backstop.
    3. To go down range and post targets, you must first ensure that all shooters on all ranges (except trap) cease fire before you proceed down range.

300 Meter Range

    1. To go down range and post targets, you must first ensure that all shooters on all ranges (except trap) cease fire before you proceed down range 300 Meter Range .
    2. Targets may be placed closer than 300 meters on this range, BUT NO CLOSER THAN 200 METERS. (STARTING APRIL 21ST).
    3. To go down range and post targets, you must first call a cease fire on the 500 yard range and on the Cowboy range.
    4. Use the road adjacent to the range to go down and post targets.        



          Cowboy Town Range (4/21/2017)

  1. Shooters may use this range for recreational shooting.
  2. When placing targets at close distances, it is particularly important to pay attention to the trajectory of your bullets after they pass through your target, on this range. Be sure the bullets impact into the berm and you do not pass over it.
  3. You may also use steel targets that deflect bullets into the ground.
  4. Please respect the hard work the cowboy shooters put into building the range.
  5. If using the cowboy town props be sure your barrel is over any barricade you are shooting behind. Just because your sights are clear does not mean your barrel is above the cover (consider, the height of your sight over the bore).
  6. If you choose to place your targets forward of the 300 meter firing line, call a cease fire on the 300 meter range and the rest of the cowboy range before placing your target.
  7. Pistol caliber only.





Hunting and Land Use Rules

Hunting is permitted only to members and their guests and only during legal
hunting seasons. Hunters must be out of the woods by noon. Guests must be
accompanied by a member. Hunters must sign in on the “Woods sign in
sheet”, land usage is first come basis i.e. if someone is using the ranges
and a . hunter comes to hunt he is not allowed to go in the woods. The only
time this is exempted is during the deer season when all ranges are closed.
Respect our neighbors on all three sides, DO NOT
on their property. The club is not responsible or
liable for any damage or theft of tree stand, blinds, or other hunting
equipment left in the woods. Members may harvest downed dead wood for their own