News for Members

The  August 3rd the Black Swamp Carbine Shoot will deviate from the standard drills on a hot range and open the event to all shooters and their families who want to check out the type of weapons and equipment we use.   There will be no set groups.  Attendees are free to spend as much or as little time in each bay.   If you have never had a chance to bring out your significant other or the kids to a range full of steel targets, suppressed weapons, and a few machine guns, this is your chance.  The event will host shooting scenarios featuring different courses of fire and equipment.

Stages to be offered are as follows:

  • Precision rifle stage on the 300 meter range
  • Machine Gun only stage
  • Suppressed weapons only stage
  • Handgun Stage
  • Carbine Stage

There will be ROs at each stage to answer questions, and offer guidance.

The event begins at noon, ends at 4 and will be run on a COLD range.  The cost will be the standard BSC fee of $25, with a $10 refund for those who help us clean up.  Attendees need to arrive by 11:30 to participate. Regular BSC attendees should bring their standard kit.


SCSC Three Gun Raffle

It’s raffle time once again. This time we have an Arsenal SLR-106FRP AK-47 chambered in 5.56mm for first place, a Catamount Fury 12ga AK-47 style semi-auto shotgun for second, and thrid place will take home a Rossi 972 .357Mag revolver. Tickets are $10 each, contact Troy Turner to get yours today (419-849-2150 or ilium@woh.rr.com).

NRA membership verification

Per our bylaws, all SCSC members are required to hold a current NRA membership. We need you to make sure we have your current NRA number on file, and that it’s up to date. SCSC is applying for the NRA’s Range Development Grant, and we need to show our 100% NRA membership status by sending in a copy of our roster. The deadline is August, 2014 . If you need to renew your membership, you can use the NRA link to your left, or click here.


We have recently updated our range policy dealing with club rentals. The 5PM cease fire rule will only apply to the Trap, 100 yard, and 70 yard ranges; all other ranges will remain open until dusk as normal.  This will provide an extra 3-4 hours of shooting on days that the clubhouse is rented. Club house rentals only apply to the club house, the immediate grounds and parking lots. Club house renters are not allowed in the woods.

New member orientation

All new members are required to attend the new members orientation program. Please contact Kate D. at kdelltraining@yahoo.com if you did not already go through this class after the General Meeting on the night that you joined.


SCSC Range Rules 2013

Thank you Board of Directors