News for Members

2015 Dues are still only $80.25 per year

SCSC Upcoming Gun Raffles

SCSC will he hosting two new gun raffles, a One Gun Raffle for a chance to win a Glock 19 Gen4 9mm handgun in December, and another Three Gun Raffle where you’ll have the opportunity to win a Colt LE6920 AR-15, a S&W M&P 15-22 AR chambered in .22LR, or a S&W M&P 9mm Shield handgun. Tickets are $5 for the One Gun raffle and $10 each for the Three Gun, and as usual you need not be present to win. To get tickets, please contact a Gun Raffle Committee member.



SCSC Gun Show

SCSC will be hosting our final Gun Show for 2014 on the weekend of October the 18th & 19th. Doors will open at 8:00AM both days, ending at 4:00PM on Saturday and 1:00PM on Sunday. We encourage Gun, Knife, and Cartridge Collectors and Dealers to come. For more  information, visit our Gun Show page. If you’d like to rent a table, Skip Nottage at 419-283-2481.


NRA membership verification

Per our bylaws, all SCSC members are required to hold a current NRA membership. We need you to make sure we have your current NRA number on file, and that it’s up to date. SCSC is applying for the NRA’s Range Development Grant, and we need to show our 100% NRA membership status by sending in a copy of our roster. The deadline is August, 2014 . If you need to renew your membership, you can use the NRA link to your left, or click here.


We have recently updated our range policy dealing with club rentals. The 5PM cease fire rule will only apply to the Trap, 100 yard, and 70 yard ranges; all other ranges will remain open until dusk as normal.  This will provide an extra 3-4 hours of shooting on days that the clubhouse is rented. Club house rentals only apply to the club house, the immediate grounds and parking lots. Club house renters are not allowed in the woods.

New member orientation

All new members are required to attend the new members orientation program. Please contact Kate D. at kdelltraining@yahoo.com if you did not already go through this class after the General Meeting on the night that you joined.


SCSC Range Rules 2013

Thank you Board of Directors