News for Members

We are getting materials from Woodmore School. Started 1/14/2016. Dumping it behind the 100, then going to move to the cowboy east side berm. Ground is thawed which means mud. Please be respectful of the trucks bringing this in when they are dumping and CEASE FIRE if need be for them !!! Remember SAFETY is number 1 !!!!

School Attacker Response Course

Dennis VanWey is a nationally certified SARC instructor (School Attacker Response Course taught by Rob Pincus) and developed an “Active Killer School Response” for our local police academy which he has taught for years.
He is holding a FREE 3 hour presentation for Saturday, February 6th from 9 am to about noonish, for Club and family members (especially kids from middle school age up and all adults). Again, this will be free of charge of course.

 2016 DUES ARE DUE !!

Any members who have not paid their 2016 dues yet be forwarned that your RFID card has been shut off. It will only be turned back on after payment is received and recorded. It will be done in a timely manner, but ONLY on the secretary’s office hours. If you do not have a current NRA membership that could also be the cause of your RFID card not working.



We have recently updated our range policy dealing with club rentals. The 5PM cease fire rule will only apply to the Trap, 100 yard, and 70 yard ranges; all other ranges will remain open until dusk as normal.  This will provide an extra 3-4 hours of shooting on days that the clubhouse is rented. Club house rentals only apply to the club house, the immediate grounds and parking lots. Club house renters are not allowed in the woods.

New member orientation

All new members are required to attend the new members orientation program. Please contact Kate D. at kdelltraining@yahoo.com if you did not already go through this class after the General Meeting on the night that you joined.


SCSC Range Rules 2013

Thank you Board of Directors