Hunting and Land Use Rules

Check the calendar before coming out – hunting is not allowed on any day there is a sanctioned shoot.

  1. Hunting is permitted by members who may bring one guest under the age of 18. The guest must remain under the direct supervision of the member while hunting on club property.
  2. Hunting may be done only during legal seasons and hours.
  3. The woods may only be used from sun up to NOON on Mondays and Tuesdays all year on a first-come-first-serve basis with the ranges. 
  4. Hunters must be out of the woods by NOON, NO exceptions, other than during the three Deer Gun Seasons when ranges are closed all day. If you are inadvertently in the woods after NOON and hear the bell, exit the woods promptly. Shooters might begin shooting without knowing you are still in the woods.
  5. If someone is using the shooting ranges when you show up to hunt or use the woods, you are not allowed to go in to the woods. Club range and land usage is on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  6. Hunters must park by the Trap field near the “Hunter Parking” sign.
  7. Sign in on the ‘woods sign-in sheet’ in the shed at the gate.
  8. The light system that is mounted on the sign-in shed is controlled by a switch located on the inside of the sign-in shed. If Green is displayed, there should be no one in the woods. If Red is displayed, this indicates that someone is in the woods. Do not shoot on the ranges.
  9. The light system must be used in conjunction with the flag. It is important that, if you are going in to the woods, you use the ‘woods sign-in sheet’, raise the red flag and switch the light to red. This lets shooters know that there is someone in the woods. Do not forget to sign out. The last person out of the woods is responsible for switching the light back to green and lowering the flag.
  10. We have neighbors on three(3) sides of our property, so respect their rights and DO NOT TREPASS on their property. If you are not sure where the boundaries are, ask any Director or the Club President.
  11. Members may place tree stands in the woods, but all tree stands must be marked with the member’s name and the President must be notified of its location. The Club is not responsible or liable for any damage or theft done to tree stands and equipment left in the woods.
  12. Members may harvest dead fall wood on the Club grounds.
  13. The driving of deer is prohibited on club property.