Club Calendar

This calendar will show you what is going on at the club and also estimated times these events will start and end.

During Deer Season Bow and Gun, please make sure to check for flag up at the shed….if flag is up DO NOT SHOOT AT ANY RANGES! Hunters should park by the Trap Field. Also remember that it is 1st come first serve as to going into the woods !

Archery is September 30, 2017 to February 4, 2018. The ranges will be open, however until NOON hunters can be in the woods, so if you are hunting put the flag up and everyone pay attention to if the flag is up before you head out to a range !!

Youth Deer Gun is November 18th & 19th. (2017) ALL RANGES WILL BE CLOSED.

Week of November 27th to December 3rd and December 16th & 17th (2017). ALL RANGES WILL BE CLOSED for Gun Deer Season.

From  January 6th to January 9th (2018). ALL RANGES WILL BE CLOSED for Muzzle Loader Deer Season.